I’ve finally decided to renew my focus on blogging about my adventures in IT. As it is only human to forget things over time, it is essential to have a good habit of documenting pretty much everything. As we are all living our busy lives, bringing up children, having hobbies outside of tech or just because “life happened”, it’s also a habit I’ve neglected for some time.

So, what is the purpose of all this, you might ask?

People like Michael Cade and Techno Tim have started upon similar tracks in the past, resulting into two successful series on Twitter: #90DaysOfDevOps and #100DaysOfHomelab, respectively.

I will be having my own take at this using the hash-tags #ContinuousLearning and #ContinuousDocumenting

The first days of this program will be used to determine the roadmap: choosing topics, setting goals and defining projects to take on, which will roughly fall in the following categories:

  • System Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Automation
  • Security

You can always come back to this page for an overview of all covered topics.


Title Link Publication date
 Day 000   Overview   January 3, 2023 
 Day 001   Setting expectations   January 4, 2023 
 Day 002   Packer integration with 1Password   January 5, 2023 



Title Link
 GitHub repository 


Title Link
 Michael Cade 
 Techno Tim